New Jewelpet Candado Wiki ,a such precious thing to me...

And plus, that awesome, charming prince Khristian Alcantara, would you grant my dreams... To became an admin (NOT A SYSOPS!) and improving New Jewelpet Candado Wiki?

Khristian Alcantara... Sorry, sorry for a misunderstanding long ago, for making a noob character in LINE Play with the same name with you, Khristian.

I will make more awesome pages and advertising Jewelpet Candado with you... The Jewelpet Candado wiki are now in my control because you leave it, Khristian. I want this new wiki to be better, and... Can you allow me to copy the pages to write it in my Tablet's memo? I love this wiki... I love it, until I almost "kissed" by Prince Ryan. I'm not an evil Candadian, even, Candadians are good peoples, they just MISUNDERSTANDING, like me, to you Khristian Alcantara. We just want some cocoas because we run out of energy. And Candadia isn't dirty, it's natural.

By the way, Khris, I can't translate this into the dictionary because it's too long. I came from Candadia, not Phillipinnes, and I hope you understand this. I usually talk Candadian (similar to the Jewelpet Language you made), but I'm fluent in English so I use that.

"Please Khristian Alcantara, accept my wish for you."

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