Sabrina Hanayume
Sabrina Fullbody
This is Sabrina, Yasmin's human partner.
Vital statistics
Position Wakakusa Academy Student
Age 10
Status Active as Main Character
Physical attributes
Height 152 cm
Weight 50 kg

Sabrina Hanayume (Hanayume Saburina) is an ordinary villager girl who became a human partner of Yasmin. She lives in Wakakusa village and she attends Wakakusa Academy, a school for humans and Jewelpets in Candadia. Sabrina meets Yasmin when Yasmin gives Sabrina some wings and it pulls Sabrina to Yasmin.

Sabrina's catchprase is "Candado"!


Sabrina is a cheerful girl that isn't afraid of anything. She is also a rival of Khristian Alcantara, Herman's human partner. Even if she is the first rank in class, She is also very confident and smart, even she became an idol like Larimar. She also learn some magic from Yasmin. Sabrina is also having a crush on Prince Ryan.


Sabrina has a lime-to-blue gradient hair. She also has lime eyes. She usually wear a blue tanktop with green vest. She also wears a frilly lime tutu. Sabrina also wears blue flower bracelet and hairclip. But in some scenes she was seen wearing the Wakakusa Academy uniform.


  • Yasmin- She is Sabrina's Jewelpet partner.


Sabrina is Tenpuru's Spanish name (Temple the Balloonist main character). Hana means flower, and yume means dream. Her last name means "flower dream".


  • Sabrina is the second known Jewelpet owners/human partner in Jewelpet Candado, the first one is Khristian Alcantara.
  • Sabrina is allergic of Thunderstorm Herman, but Khristian is also allergic of Forest Yasmin. (hating each other)
  • Sabrina's favorite food is pineapple bread, but Herman will get stunned if he smells pinneapples.
  • She almost think Herman is a gay when he disguises.
  • In her rivalry of Herman and Khristian Alcantara, Sabrina married with the human form of Herman.

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