Sabrina 666
Sabrina's ugly drawing
This is Sabrina, Yasm... Yeah yeah, nobody cares about off topic page.
Vital statistics
Position Kim Jong Un's elite.
Age 666
Status Active as World dominator
Physical attributes
Height 0 cm
Weight 0 kg

Sabrina Hanayume (Hanayume Saburina) is an ordinary poor girl who became a human partner of Yasmin the fake Jewelpet robot. She lives in Wakakusa village and she attends Wakakusa Academy to shut the fuck up, a school for humans and Jewelpets in Candadia even it's a fake school. Sabrina meets Yasmin when Yasmin gives Sabrina some drugs and it pulls Sabrina to Yasmin's penis.

Sabrina's catchprase is "Sabrina sucks"!


Sabrina is a violent girl that is afraid of a deadbush. She is also a ruin this wiki. She also learn some criminal activity from Yasmin. Sabrina is also vandalising the copyright of Jewelpet Candado, even she do not own it.


Sabrina has a hellish Satan hair. She also has bloody eyes. She usually wear a shitted diaper with green baby puke. She also wears a 666 Kim Jong Un belt. Sabrina also wears red star banner and white circle to represent North Korea flag. But in some scenes she was seen wearing Kim Jong Un's uniform.


  • Yasmin- She is Sabrina's drug maker.
  • Khristian Alcantara - Sabrina keep showing off to him even everybody think Sabrina is a loser.


Sabrina is Kim Jong Un's spy against USA. Hana means Lesbian, and yume means puke. Her last name means "lesbian puke".


  • Sabrina is known to be copyright plegarist in this wiki.
  • Sabrina is hating the likes of South Koreans, because Kim Jong Un told her to hate the good people.
  • Sabrina's favorite food is Baby puke, It's so disgusting, no prankster gangsters want to be her friend.
  • She almost think Herman is too cool while Sabrina is a noob.

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