Lightning Herman
Herman Petir
Earth Herman         ALIAS CHRONOLOGY         Wind Herman
Element Lightning
Colour Orange
Personality Short temper to his foes
Potential Thunderbolt Herman

Lightning Herman is one of Herman's aliases where he where same colour of the clothes from normal Herman, but this time his blouse is magenta and his pants is magenta also. His varsity is half opened. His powers is only lightnings.

He appear in the second episode of the series where he ends the battle in Episode 2. He can also evolve into a upgraded form to make his power increase.



His potential was reveal in episode 9, because of the popping balloons by Prince Ryan, General Katal and Computer Candada, he force himself to evolve to Thunderbolt Herman and start to attack General Katal, other aliases and his friends. But he was turn back to normal by Rossa remind him that she loves Herman.