• Candadian Angel~

    And plus, that awesome, charming prince Khristian Alcantara, would you grant my dreams... To became an admin (NOT A SYSOPS!) and improving New Jewelpet Candado Wiki?

    Khristian Alcantara... Sorry, sorry for a misunderstanding long ago, for making a noob character in LINE Play with the same name with you, Khristian.

    I will make more awesome pages and advertising Jewelpet Candado with you... The Jewelpet Candado wiki are now in my control because you leave it, Khristian. I want this new wiki to be better, and... Can you allow me to copy the pages to write it in my Tablet's memo? I love this wiki... I love it, until I almost "kissed" by Prince Ryan. I'm not an evil Candadian, even, Candadians are good peoples, they just MISUNDERSTANDING, like me…

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